About #BNIPNC2020

BNI’s mission helps members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

With more than 250,000 members in 9,000-plus chapters worldwide, BNI is the world’s leading business organization. In 2018 alone, BNI members generated 14.2 billion USD in revenue for our member businesses.

Through weekly meetings and exclusive resources, BNI helps you build a strong network that fuels professional growth.

Why BNI?

With over 220,000 members in 73 countries worldwide, BNI is the world’s leading global referral organization. In 2017 alone, BNI member referrals generated USD13.6 billion in revenue for our members’ businesses. In 2014, BNI arrived in the Philippines with the launch of BNI chapters in Makati and Pasig, and within a year, in Quezon City.

From there, momentum picked up with the launch of a chapter in Muntinlupa in 2016. And 2017 saw four successful business leaders starting new regions in Cebu, Marikina, Taguig and Mandaluyong. 2018 will see a strengthening of the existing regions, and expansion into new regions around Manila, and other outlying regions.

BNI Philippines is presently seeking qualified candidates for regional franchises. BNI Philippines was started in 2014 and presently have 13 Chapters with 480+ Members. In the past 12 months, Members of BNI Philippines have passed over 27,000+ Referrals which has generated PHP 600,000,000 in closed business. That’s an average of PHP 100,000 per referral.









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